domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

PEREZ PIRELA: "Leopoldo Lopez: Washington´s Casus Belli?"

Before saying anything else, I want to state clearly: whoever wants to give in to the temptation of having senseless political discussions about Leopoldo Lopez can go right ahead.

In particular, I believe (and this I will repeat over and over again throughout the length of this article) that Leopoldo Lopez represents no political threat at all to anyone, much less for presidential candidate Hugo Chavez.

At the most, the only person who benefited politically from the prohibition of Lopez was acting Mayor of Greater Caracas and presidential pre-candidate, Antonio Ledezma, with whom the prohibited Lopez will now carry out a "¨healthy" debate.

And I repeat, since I am convinced it must be made clear to society, the young fourth-republican Leopoldo Lopez [translator’s note: in Venezuela the Fourth Republic refers to the period of "representative democracy" from 1958 to 1998, when many human rights abuses were carried out by the government, in contrast to the "participatory democracy" of the Chavez period] does not represent a political obstacle to anyone, not even to the former lawmaker for the state of Zulia, Capriles Radonsky, (who just so happens to be taking advantage of the Primero Justicia party, established using funds stolen from PDVSA by the Lopez family).

As it were, he doesn’t even pose a threat to the political orphan Pablo Perez, more concerned with securing support anywhere he can find it than facing a barred politician with all the VOLUNTAD, WILL, but very little POPULAR, POPULARITY [translator’s note: the name of Lopez´s party, Voluntad Popular, literally means Popular Will].

In any event, Leopoldo Lopez, more than being a concern for anyone, is an anecdotal thing that has occurred for the MUD (the opposition’s Democratic Unity Roundtable) that now has one more presidential pre-candidate (who will end up opting for, as all the other "presidential" pre-candidates, the offices of governor and mayor).

Crazy things: Venezuela is the only country in the world in which people run for president with the hope that they’ll be governor or mayor.

The real question to ask is this: What does Leopoldo Lopez represent for the current political moment in Venezuela.

I am being overly sincere when I classify Leopoldo Lopez, at this moment, as nothing more than a transnational "smokescreen" that really has nothing to do with political time or space in Venezuela.

He is a ready-made "smokescreen" created Washington-style through the use of the Inter-American Court on "Human Rights" (CIDHR) so as to bulk-up the list of arguments against Venezuela in the face of possible diplomatic, military, economic, judicial and or any type of intervention. (Let’s not waste any more ink than necessary criticizing what is an already discredited CIDHR that turned a blind eye to the human rights violations during the military coups against Venezuela and Honduras).

After the recent attacks against state-owned PDVSA, the creation of doubts regarding freedom of religion in Venezuela, the accusations of trafficking of women here (in Venezuela), after declaring us a Narco-state, a country without freedom of expression, a terrorist nation, among the many creative and fantasy-based verbal attacks, now the United States sees in Leopoldo Lopez the exceptional excuse to lash out against a barbarous country in which, according to them, political rights don’t exist and intervention is a must.

That is what he has been reduced to, this politician of the IV Republic with so much promise: A tool, an excuse, a reason to attack the Venezuelan nation.

Leopoldo Lopez is destined to become, thanks to the United States, one more casus belli used to beat up on the countries of the Global South.

I hope I’m wrong. Not for his sake, but for ours.

Translated by Venezuelanalysis

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